5 Advantages of Workplace Safety Programs

Maintaining a safe work environment and obtaining Ohio Workers Compensation has many advantages for you and your employees. When workers sustain injuries on the job, it is an expensive and stressful ordeal for everyone involved. According to the Ohio Occupational Injury and Illness Survey in 2019, Ohio had more than 91,000 workplace injuries that year. When you create and implement the best workplace safety programs for your business, you gain many benefits.

1. Improved Health, Safety, and Wellness

The obvious benefit of a workplace safety system is reducing risks to your employee’s health and well-being. A well-designed program keeps your staff safe while protecting your equipment, resources, and customers as well. When you address concerns before they become hazards, your team remains safe from harm.

2. Fewer Expenses

Although it costs your company to create a safety program for the workplace, it saves you money in the long term. Accidents that cause injuries during the workday result in many costly expenses, such as:

  • Wage losses
  • Legal fees
  • Court costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Workplace disruption
  • Employee replacement and training
  • Equipment repairs
  • Higher monthly insurance premiums
  • Regulatory fines and fees
  • Reputation damage and PR costs

3. Better Relationships With Your Employees

Executing a comprehensive safety program fosters improved connections. If your workers feel safe on the job, they appreciate the effort you take to prevent injuries or illnesses. The best safety programs involve:

  • Identifying all possible hazards in the workplace
  • Assessing more than just physical dangers
  • Adding mitigation processes for emotional safety hazards
  • Ensuring and welcoming communication from staff about concerns, questions, or feedback
  • Establishing detailed regulations regarding workplace bullying or conflict

4. Increased Productivity

When a mishap occurs at your place of business, it disrupts the daily operations and reduces efficiency. Employees have a heightened sense of concern following an accident after a co-worker gets injured while working. Questioning their safety decreases the effectiveness and productivity of your staff.

5. Happy Employees

The best safety programs address the various aspects of your workers’ well-being and result in happy employees. People that are in good health and feel protected are glad to come to work each day. According to a study, employees who are content in their jobs are up to 20% more productive than unsatisfied workers. This job satisfaction improves your employees’ longevity with your company, which benefits your business success in many ways:

  • Staff members return to work sooner after an illness or injury.
  • Workers produce higher quality services and products.
  • Employees have a sense of loyalty to your company.
  • Your business has less employee turnover.
  • You build better relationships with the community through a happy team.

With a well-planned workplace safety protocol in place, you minimize the amount of workers’ comp claims filed against you. Over time, you may also see a reduction in your costs. When accidents do happen, Ohio Workers Compensation protects you by mitigating the legal and medical expenses associated with lawsuits.

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