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Auto Insurance

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An individual’s greatest liability exposure occurs while driving an automobile.  At Haughn & Associates we don’t just sell insurance we offer you peace of mind.  We offer customized insurance programs that will provide you liability limits to properly protect you in the event of an accident.
Increased coverage does not necessarily mean outrageous prices.  Our staff works with several different insurance carriers and will shop your program with each of them to provide you the best value in the marketplace.  Many times we are able to provide you increased protection at a price lower than cost of minimum liability limits offered by some of our competitors.
Please contact one of our Personal Lines teammates to have us develop an individualized program for you.

Antique/Collector Cars 

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Collector Protector Insurance Program
Agreed Value of Coverage: Your policy is guaranteed to be worth exactly what it was written for. Not one shiny penny less. You have our word on it.
Single Liability Charge: Have more than one car in your collection? Cover all of your growing personal fleet under one liability charge.
Low Premiums: With our competitive low rates, you'll save enough money to actually fill'er up every once in a while.
Flexible Usage: Feel free to take the tarp off and put the top down. With reasonable usage and mileage guidelines, you can start enjoying the open road once more.
In-House Claims: Should you need to file a claim, our friendly, knowledgable claims specialists will be there to help you “pop the hood” and navigate through the process.
No Deductible: Zip. Zero. Zilch. How's that for low?
Automatic New Purchase Coverage: Put your insurance on cruise control. With this special benefit, unplanned purchases may be immediately insured under your existing policy.
Auto Show Medical Reimbursement: We care about you and your fellow auto enthusiasts. So, if your clients or family members are accidentally injured during a qualified car-related event, they'll also be protected.
Repair Shop of Your Choice: Your car. Your repair shop. Your Decision.
Fast, Friendly Customer Service: At Haughn, there are no speed limits for fast customer service and no detours to keep you from being 100% satisfied.
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