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Create A More Secure Future with Life & Accident Insurance

There are several good reasons to offer Life insurance to your employees, including providing protection they will value and the peace of mind and financial cushion that this safety net provides for their families and loved ones. It also helps to make your organization desirable for candidates seeking out job opportunities, as it’s one of the benefits that employees routinely look for when they hunt for jobs and select their future employer.

Our Employee Benefits staff at Haughn & Associates (H&A) will work with you to determine the program that best fits your needs— whether it’s a basic, employer-paid Life insurance and AD&D program, or whether you wish to offer voluntary, employee-paid Life insurance benefits for your Columbus or Dublin business.

Group Term Life Insurance

There are various types of Life insurance available, but the most popular one by far for employers to offer is Group Term Life. It’s inexpensive and also offers a tax advantage as the first $50,000 in employer-paid coverage is tax-free to the employee. It is also popular because you can stipulate the “term” of the plan, which means it applies only when the employee is working for you and not after. It’s also easy to administer and doesn’t require a lot of monitoring.

Most Group Term Life insurance policies offer either a set amount of insurance (such as a $20,000 policy for each employee) or they are based on the employee’s annual salary (and usually pay up to one, two, or even three times that amount following death).

Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage

Commonly known as “AD&D,” this policy pays benefits to an employee’s beneficiary if death occurs due to an accident or if the employee loses the use of portions of his or her body, like the loss of a limb, or his or her eyesight, speech, or hearing. The policy can be offered as stand-alone coverage, tied to Voluntary Life insurance, and/or added to basic Life insurance. Coverage amounts differ depending on the policy and the type of loss. AD&D could be an important additional benefit for your employees if you work in a high-hazard industry like construction.

Our Commitment to You

At Haughn & Associates (H&A), our core values and principles of integrity, honesty, dependability, innovation, and collaboration shape who we are and guide us; they ultimately allow our team to provide our clients with high-quality insurance products and an unparalleled level of superior service. Each business, family, and individual is given the personalized attention needed to design the right fit of insurance and risk management protection for your insurance package.