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At Haughn & Associates (H&A), our bond team specializes in both contract surety and commercial surety bonds. Commercial Surety Bonds are required of individuals or businesses by the legislation of local governments or other various entities.

Types of Commercial Surety Bonds

Following are just some of the Commercial bonds we can provide, depending on your business needs:

  • License and Permit Bonds: These bonds may be required by state, municipal, or federal ordinance or regulation as a condition for engaging in a particular business or exercising a particular privilege. Some of the popular types of license and permit bonds are contractor license bonds (e.g. general, HVAC, electric, plumbing, etc.), roofer bonds, pool contractor bonds, mortgage broker bonds, and auto dealer bonds.
  • Court Judicial Bonds: Generally used to describe different types of bonds that may be required in court proceedings. Some of the most popular types of commercial bonds include estate bonds, probate bonds, executor bonds, etc. These bonds protect the participants in legal matters against various fraudulent activities.
  • Fiduciary Bonds: Depending on the state and the size of the estate in question, these bonds are required of those who administer a trust or estate for the deceased or invalid under court supervision.
  • Public Official Bonds: Provide a guarantee that public officials will perform their duties honestly and faithfully. Some popular types of public official bonds include county clerk bonds, notary bonds, tax collector bonds, and treasurer bonds.

Commercial surety bonds are also comprised of various miscellaneous bonds that provide guarantees of financial performance. If you don’t see the particular type of bond you need listed above, please contact for more information.

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At Haughn & Associates (H&A), our core values and principles of integrity, honesty, dependability, innovation, and collaboration shape who we are and guide us; they ultimately allow our team to provide our clients with high-quality insurance products and an unparalleled level of superior service. Each business, family, and individual is given the personalized attention needed to design the right fit of insurance and risk management protection for your insurance package.