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Inside Our Portfolio Of Distinct Products For High Net Worth Clients

High net worth clients typically own high-value homes and automobiles; vacation or secondary homes; collectibles such as art and jewelry; perhaps even a wine cellar; and a host of toys – from collector cars to boats, jet skis, and more. All of this amounts to a great deal of assets being on the line – assets that require a highly specialized insurance and risk management program backed by a top-tier insurer. With the help of insurance companies that offer tailored product solutions to address these unique risks, Haughn & Associates (H&A) and its experienced staff have the ability to serve the insurance needs of high net worth clients throughout Ohio and beyond.

Focus on Your Protection

The professionals at H&A will review and analyze your current insurance program and exposures to see how well you are protected. We will look for any gaps or overlaps in coverage and recommend where we can improve your liability and property safety net. We have the ability and expertise to handle your complex homeowners insurance needs whether you live in the city, a gated community, or near or on the water. In addition to insuring the home itself and your personal property, we have optional coverage enhancements including protection for equipment breakdown, identity theft and fraud, flood, and more.

Coverage for flood damage is available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) as well as via critical alternative markets, which may be better suited where flooding is prevalent. For high-value homes, we recommend purchasing Excess Flood insurance, which can substantially increase the limits of coverage for both your structure and its contents. Excess Flood policies can also provide money for additional living expenses while your property is restored.

What We Offer

We provide high Liability limits on your Homeowners and Automobile insurance programs, and can safeguard your assets with broad, worldwide protection. We can also insure your collector cars, motorcycles, golf carts, boat, ATV, snowmobile, etc. If you have a vacation home, we can insure it under your Homeowners policy or with a standalone policy. Your jewelry and fine art will be insured appropriately with separate coverage as well.

High-Value Personal Umbrella Insurance

Your Auto and Homeowners and other primary Liability policies will provide you with high limits, but these may still be insufficient when it comes to protecting your assets in the event of a catastrophic loss. That’s where a High-Value Personal Umbrella policy comes in. It’s designed to step in when the Liability coverage in your primary policy has been exhausted. For affluent clientele who require significant asset protection, a high-value Umbrella policy is available with limits that can go as high as $50 to $100 million, depending on the insurance carrier. We will gladly review this with you in detail.

Additional Coverages

If you employ a nanny, housekeeper, driver, personal assistant, gardener, or other domestic staff, we can help you protect against employee-related lawsuits with Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). The policy protects against allegations of employment-related offenses, such as sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination. We can also provide you with Workers’ Compensation to cover injuries to your staff while on the job.

Unparalleled Service & Loss Prevention Programs

The leading insurance companies we represent provide specialized services for private clients such as the availability of a dedicated claims advocate, whose primary objective is to facilitate smooth handling for any claims you may experience. You’ll also have access to a unique set of loss-prevention programs to help protect your family, home, and financial wellbeing – including a home and safety assessment, inventory and appraisal services, and much more. Think of these services as part of your personal insurance concierge.

Our Commitment to You

At Haughn & Associates (H&A), our core values and principles of integrity, honesty, dependability, innovation, and collaboration shape who we are and guide us; they ultimately allow us to provide our clients with high-quality insurance products and an unparalleled level of superior service. Each business, family, and individual is given the personalized attention needed to design the right fit of insurance and risk management protection.