Haughn and Associates takes pride in exceptional customer service for our clients. Having a loss or an accident can be a stressful time in your life. We want to make the process of filing a claim simple and easy for our clients. The numbers listed below are direct access to your carrier to file a claim. Filing the claim properly makes the process go smoothly and expedites your claim. Please have the following information available prior to your call:

    • The Date, Time and Location of the Accident or Loss.
    • The circumstances surrounding the event. (Describe what happened).
    • Police or Fire Department called and any report number available.
    • Any other parties involved in the accident, please provide names, addresses & phone numbers.

Auto Accidents

Please provide which auto you were driving and location of the damage and the name of the driver if different from the owner. Also provide the other person's auto information, damage and if the auto's are drivable.

Loss to your Property

Please provide details of items damaged and if you have received estimates for repairs or clean-up. If your loss involves a theft the authorities must be contacted.

Once you have completed filing your claim with the insurance company, they will provide you with a claim number and the assigned adjuster will be in contact with you, 24 to 48 hours after receipt of your claim.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your claim, please feel free to contact us at 614-789-6800. We will help you through the process of the claim and assist with any information you may need.

Please read the following list carefully, select your carrier's direct number to file a claim quickly. If for some reason your carrier is not available, we suggest accessing the information through the internet. Many carriers will allow you to file a claim through their website.

AutoOwners 1-888-841-6473
Chubb 1-888-841-6473
Encompass 1-800-588-7400
Erie Insurance 1-800-458-0811
Fidelity National 1-800-220-1351
Foremost 1-800-527-3907
Hanover 1-800-628-0250
Hartford 1-800-243-5860
Hastings 1-800-336-3124
Merchants 1-888-644-6680
Progressive 1-800-888-7767
Safeco 1-866-272-3326
Travelers 1-800-252-4633
Western Reserve 1-800-362-0426
Westfield 1-800-443-3311
Zurich 1-800-987-3373