Construction Insurance



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For over two decades, Haughn & Associates has been providing expert counsel and insurance advice to contractors and those who work in the construction industry. With an extensive network of professional in-house associates and financially solid insurance providers, we are able to give you solid protection with a personal touch.

Our Commerical department is staffed by experienced and licensed personnel who have dedicated their careers to minimizing the exposures of our construction clients through the use of available insurance products.

Because of the diversity in size and type of accounts we service we can design an insurance program specific to your needs. We will provide you with every available insurance option and recommend the one that will be the most beneficial to you.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation, analysis of your current insurance program or for a new program that will protect your business against unforeseen events.


Surety Bonding

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Since our founding, construction insurance and bonding have been our specialties. We constantly monitor bond developments to ensure timely completion for our clients and work closely with contractors and surety companies in the development and maintenance of multiple bond lines.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Complete in-house underwriting capabilities
  • Financial and Background reviews
  • Constant monitoring of contractor/ surety partnerships
  • Prompt issuance of approved bid, performance and payment bonds

By staying abreast of all the necessary bond forms, we are able to use the appropriate bond in a timely fashion so that our contractors do not have a delay in getting the required documents to effectively bid projects.

In addition to contract surety bonds, we can quickly and efficiently handle your license and miscellaneous surety bonds.

The bond team at Haughn & Associates welcome the opportunity to review and service your bond needs. Contact Us for further discussion at


Worker's Compensation

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance protects the most important asset of a business -  its employees – from the medical expenses of on the job injuries and the loss of income while unable to work as a result of such injuries.  Likewise it protects the employer from being “out of pocket” for such expenses and forestalls the cost and delays of litigation to determine “fault”.

Workers’ Compensation is governed by the laws of each state , all of which require – in varying degrees – that (a) an employer provide Workers’ Compensation Coverage for any of his employees within that jurisdiction, and (b) that any employee suffering a work related injury is entitled to the benefits of that jurisdiction.

Our broad Workers’ Compensation experience and access to markets can help guide you past the pitfalls of a confusing – and potentially costly – body of laws & regulations.


Specialty Coverage

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Our agency team will counsel you and your company officers on a wide variety of coverage that, if properly put into place, will limit and protect the business from various types of worksite litigation, allegations of error, as well as protecting the business from criminal activity that can, and unfortunately does, occur inside of a business. We work with national and regional insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage for various types of executive liability and bring a wide array of claims and legal expertise that can be put to use for you should the need arise.

Some of our product offerings include the following:

  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Errors and Omissions Liability
  • Crime and Fidelity Coverage
  • Fiduciary Liability