8 Ways to Keep Deadlines: Finish a Job on Time

Deadlines are an ever-present source of stress and it is essential to balance them to prevent yourself from falling into overload. For business owners, though, they’re an inevitability. It is especially true if you work as a contractor or provide time-sensitive services to others.

Methods to Keep Your Deadlines

Failure to meet deadlines can result in substantial professional liability, so it’s essential to follow these tips to help you hit your deadline every time.

Assess Your Professional Liability

Failing to meet deadlines isn’t the only potential source of professional liability. You may also face risks if you do not meet the terms of a contract, for example, or do not provide satisfactory work. Business owners should invest in insurance to cover these liabilities.

Find a Partner To Motivate You to Reach Deadlines

You’ll likely benefit from adding an accountability partner if you struggle to get things done independently. According to the Harvard Business Review, productivity is contagious, and spending time with somebody working will motivate you to work, too.

Keep Track of Your Deadlines and Progress

If you’re unsure how to meet your deadlines, you might feel discouraged by a perceived lack of progress. It’s important to remind yourself that you are, indeed, making progress — even if it’s in small steps.

Avoid Leaving Room for Procrastination

One of the best ways to keep track of your progress is to establish a detailed schedule for your tasks. Decide when you will start, when you will take breaks, and when you aim to finish. Throughout this schedule, it’s essential to avoid any room for procrastination.

Eliminate Any Potential Distractions

Procrastination will likely be less alluring if you eliminate potential environmental distractions. For example, if you are constantly battling the temptation to browse the news, you can eliminate this distraction with a browser-blocking program. Be sure that your physical workspace is free from clutter, too, so that you can focus.

Use a Productivity App or Calendar

Many people find that a productivity app or calendar improves their ability to focus. These programs can transmit reminders to keep you on schedule and send alerts if you’re off-track to meet your deadline.

Establish a Soft Deadline for Yourself

Perhaps the most effective strategy for meeting deadlines is simply giving yourself a new one. If your client’s deadline is Friday, you can aim to have a project done by Wednesday. This additional time gives you some wiggle room if a complication arises.

Cover Risks With Professional Liability Insurance

Whether or not you struggle with deadlines, you must be aware of the liabilities that could threaten your business. Partnering with an insurer and investing in the right business insurance policy can protect your business from risks such as litigation.

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