Construction Tech Trends for Watch in 2021

As business owners in the booming construction industry are well aware, the ever-changing tides of technology make significant differences in yearly business plans and expected outcomes. If you have your own construction company, you probably already plan for the unexpected with an Ohio Construction Insurance policy and other preventative measures, but you can help prepare your company even more by understanding the trends to look out for in the upcoming year. Technological advancements go well beyond the typical stereotypes of software and medications to help innovate in the construction industry, so here are the top tech trends you can expect will be on the rise in 2021.

What is Trending in the Construction Industry?

From the best construction insurance companies offering Ohio Construction Insurance to architects and on-the-ground workers helping to make big construction projects a reality, everyone in the construction industry is affected by new trends. These trends are sometimes in response to shortages or wider needs in the industry, like when more qualified employees are needed, and are sometimes reactions to new regulations, like environmentally friendly and sustainably minded trends. Currently, prevalent trends are leaning towards meeting environmental regulations, using high tech items like light detection sensors to improve safety and implementing artificial intelligence to ease budgets and improve efficiency.

Expect Increasing Use of AI and Robots

While not a tool for replacing human laborers entirely, robots and other aspects of artificial intelligence are growing in popularity. For example, some AI trends on the rise include:

  • Swarms of robots used in conditions that could be perilous
  • AI-powered bots for conducting repetitive motions like some aspects of installation

Another interesting AI-tangential trends to look out for is the use of drone technology, which has seen its popularity skyrocket just in the past few of years. These drones can be used for several functions, including security monitoring and checking for machinery malfunctioning.

Wearable Hardhat Technology Could Improve Worker Safety

Yet another high-tech solution to a problem often encountered in the construction industry is the rise of the data-enhanced hardhat, which offers extra safety benefits over traditional hardhats by providing a wearable way to track a worker’s temperature and precise location. This means the hardhat could help monitor the health and safety of your workers.

Innovation is not limited to fields like the software industry or disease prevention – in fact, it plays a big role in driving progress in the construction industry. As a construction business owner, you understand that keeping up with the times and staying on top of tech trends is key to making your company as modern and competitive as possible. Keep a sharp eye out for these construction tech trends in 2021 and you can bring cutting-edge progress to your company.

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