Homeowners, These Features May Require Higher Insurance Limits

When it comes down to having the right Dublin homeowners insurance, Haughn & Associates has the right coverage you need. The basic things that you should look to get insured are your home and the belongings in it, according to the Insurance Information Institute. You need to be able to replace your belongings, defray costs if you’re unable to live in your home and protecting your financial assets just in case you have to deal with a liability coverage issue. However, depending on the contents of your home, you may need higher limits for certain features. Check out this short list that showcases some of those features, courtesy of the Financial Post.

Pools Cost A Lot in the Long Run

Unfortunately, pools mean more liability as a homeowner. They have a high liability because of the potential for drowning. From 2004 to 2015, around 3,536 people died from drowning related incidents in the US, equating to around 10 deaths per day, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some insurance companies will require a homeowner to build a fence around the pool, according to Think Mutual Bank. A pool drives your home into a higher building classification limit, as well as adding around $30 a year in personal and premises liability premiums. When looking for Dublin homeowners insurance, make sure that your pool is covered.

Oil-Based Heating is Hazardous

Your insurance will be higher if you have oil-based heating. In fact, you might have trouble getting insurance at all. Oil-based heating such result in environmental hazards and can cause fires. A more preferable form of heating would be electric heating or forced air-gas furnaces.

The Type of Roof Matters

The kind of roof you have matters. Wood shake or shingle roofs are the most unreliable type of roofing, which can ultimately affect your home insurance premiums. These types of roofs are more vulnerable to natural disasters, which have been on the rise. Wood shake or shingle roofing can push insurance up over 10 percent in some cases, especially if you’re in an area prone to hail or wind. The best type of roof to have for your safety and for your insurance is a stone or metal roof.

Basements Cost Money

While basements come in handy in some states, they also drive up the cost of your home insurance. A finished basement has the risk of damage if a pipe breaks or sewage backs up. Other issues with a basement include flooding. When purchasing Dublin homeowners insurance, ensure that your basement is covered in the case of an emergency.

Gardening is Pretty, But Pricey

Though gardening and trees carry little to no risk, they still require extra coverage. This type of coverage matters if you’re worried about your plants. Extra coverage will help with weather and vandalism. Traditional pre-packaged policies include coverage for landscaping, fences and gardening equipment.

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