How Construction Managers Can Have Effective Onsite Meetings

A job site is a busy place and things can get disorganized or chaotic in a hurry. With so many moving parts on a construction project, it is important to keep everyone in the loop and on the same page at all times. This may mean running a meeting onsite with the different workers or subcontractors. While not an ideal situation, it is possible to conduct effective meetings in spite of the location.

How Do You Run Effective Project Management Meetings Onsite?

With a little bit of attention to some key tips, you won’t have a problem directing a management meeting while on the job site. Knowing the concerns or potential for miscommunication should motivate you to implement the following tips when making your plans.

Be Organized

Being on the job site potentially requires more preparation and organization than you would use at the office. All visuals, such as graphs or charts, will need to be available to everyone during the meeting, and you can’t go print more if there aren’t enough copies. Stay on track with the focus of the meeting, and ensure the right people are in attendance and following along by using email requests with a brief meeting agenda included.

Establish an Engaging Tone

Effective construction managers understand their role in creating the right mood and response to challenges, communication or changes to the project. When it comes to leading a meeting, set the tone in a way that encourages participants to actively engage in the information. Not all meetings need to be serious, but there are times when a formal, serious tone should be established. Talking about safety incidents and the impact on both the project and construction insurance policy requires more formality than laying out the schedule for the day.

Encourage Feedback

A construction manager might do most of the talking at a meeting, but this doesn’t mean the employees have nothing to say. Communication needs to occur between all parties of the construction project if the work is going to go smoothly and take place in a positive work atmosphere. Actively seek out feedback from your employees during a meeting to assess cognition and ownership of the information being presented.

Address Conflict

It is normal for moments of conflict to develop in response to a meeting or the issues being discussed. Don’t appear stressed or caught off guard in these situations. Rely on your empathy and emotional sensitivity traits to determine what the real issue is and address the conflict in private with all those who are involved. Seek to deescalate the situation, potentially putting off your response until all parties have calmed down.

Don’t jeopardize productivity by scheduling too many meetings but do realize the effectiveness of meetings scheduled while onsite at a construction project. Frequently checking in with employees keeps the project on schedule and addresses issues that may jeopardize safety, the budget or project completion.

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