How to Establish a Strong Cyber Security Program in the Construction Industry

Today’s construction industry greatly depends on technology, making it a serious target for cybercrime. One of the main reasons why this industry has become an easy target is that digital technology has not only been embraced in design and engineering, but also in the daily transactions. Vital information like commercial building plans, employee data, bank transactions, and privileged correspondence are now transmitted over networks and mobile devices.

Protect your business with a well-rounded construction insurance program and utilize these data security strategies tailored towards the construction industry.

Develop a Data Security Plan

Developing a strong data security plan is crucial for construction companies. Businesses must implement a plan in case a data breach occurs, which will stipulate what employees have access to what data.

The plan should coincide with company policies, new technologies incorporated into your business and other changes to your management systems. This plan assists employees in adhering to data regulations, ensuring that data is protected on a daily basis.

Utilize Cloud Storage With Limited Access

Over the years, the cloud has achieved popularity as the ideal data storage mode. It is the better option when it comes to the storage of sensitive data, as opposed to traditional physical servers. The cloud secures data by using strong authentication protocols. It may be more secure, however, it’s still fallible. It is therefore recommended that additional measures are implemented are construction insurance is secured.

Protect Your Data and Networks

Devices containing sensitive data may fall into the wrong hands and passwords can be cracked. Consider implementing the following protections:

  • Ensure that your online transactions are encrypted so that information remains secure even if someone were to gain access to your network and devices. Information transmitted over the internet is also vulnerable; this may include credit card information, usernames, and passwords. 
  • Data masking can be used to disguise sensitive data by replacing real data with fictitious data.
  • Two-Factor authentication with two modes of verifying identity, for example, the use of a user ID and uniquely generated code will keep unauthorized persons from your systems.

Implement Good Data Security Practices

The use of security tools and technical security measures is critical for construction companies. However, you are more likely to succumb to data breaches and other cyber threats due to human error, which is why it’s important that you:

  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly
  • Do not keep superfluous digital copies of sensitive files
  • Store sensitive data separately
  • Regularly train employees on data security practices
  • Stay adept with the latest cybersecurity strategies
  • Manage your mobile devices and invest in good security software

It’s also critical that you have regular software updates and avoid accessing risky material.

Test Regularly

Testing is the only way to really determine if your data security measures are strong enough. Consider conducting a simulation of a potential attack to assess the protocols you have implemented, and to determine if everyone knows their required actions. Employees should be aware of potential risks to company information. Education is an effective information security initiative in itself. 

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