Identifying Poor Management in Your Company & Preventing Turnover

How can employee turnover be prevented? Although there’s no magic bullet for lowering your turnover rates overnight, as a business owner, you may have noticed that your upper-level management can make all the difference when it comes to retaining top employees. From impacting motivation levels to affecting work quality, productivity, and more, your EPLI managers and general managers can have a significant impact on your business as a whole, and your turnover rates in particular. How do you identify a poor manager? Here are some of the most worrying signs, as well as a few simple ways you can weed out negative managerial effects, address any issues, and set high quality standards.

Watch Out for the Most Concerning Signs of Poor Management

In order to weed out poor management and keep employees from leaving due to managerial issues, it’s important to know what the most common and troubling signs of ineffective or bad management are. For instance, you may have some internal issues to address if your managers exhibit:

  • An ego or a poor attitude with regards to constructive criticism
  • A negative or unhelpful tone towards employees
  • Poor reviews and concerning feedback from workers
  • Rampant favoritism or signs of discrimination
  • Repeated poor business decisions demonstrating a lack of judgment

Examine the Company for Signs of Negative Managerial Impacts

If your company has had poor management in the past, those former choices may still be negatively impacting the business today. Try to identify signs of these impacts, such as:

  • Low levels of company-wide morale
  • Lagging levels of productivity
  • Poorer work product quality than in the past
  • Lower sales numbers and smaller profit margins

Address Managers Directly and Set Clear-Cut Quality Standards

In order to fix managerial issues and prevent employee turnover, you may have to go directly to your managers to address issues at the root. You or your business co-owners may want to:

  • Hold private meetings with managers who have received poor feedback from employees to address top concerns and find solutions together
  • Listen to your workers’ input, questions, and concerns carefully and ask for constructive feedback from them
  • Provide additional managerial training before giving new managers the reigns
  • Offer opportunities for career advancement for lower-level employees who have shown managerial potential
  • Set strict rules and clearly spelled-out standards for all managers to ensure high levels of quality and care

Whatever your line of work, your general and EPLI managers can make or break the company’s productivity, work product quality levels, and ultimate long-term success. If you want to be able to spot managerial problems as soon as they arise, this guide could help. Learn to spot the most concerning signs of poor management, examine the company for detrimental impacts, talk to your managers directly, and set strict quality standards to avoid managerial issues and the associated employee turnover rates in the future.

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