IT Trends for 2021

Events of 2020 have had a significant impact on the way business will be conducted 2020, including the use of technology for both home and business use. Rapid changes to the IT trends mean a company will need to be quick to adapt if they want to close any potential security weaknesses and gaps in their IT infrastructure. These efforts can be costly, but Ohio IT insurance can be put in place to address your business risks and make your investment worth it.

Knowing what is coming in regard to IT trends can help your business prepare for an effective, efficient response.

1. Heightened Emphasis on Digital Transformation

Companies of all sizes can’t afford to fall behind on adopting digital processes and models. Experts believe that digital transformation will account for almost 65% of the world’s gross domestic product by the year 2022. Digital means will be used to increase employee productivity, drive consumer engagement and improve business reliability.

2. Increased Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will continue to dominate the development scene and replace manual labor in repetitive tasks with automated robots. Not only does automation reduce expenses, but the data analysis and predictive modeling of AI-powered machines also reduce errors and enhance decision-making. This data is useful in driving down the premiums of technology insurance, as efficiency and accuracy outperform human calculations in reducing liabilities.

3. Move Toward Dispersed Computing Models

Rather than centralized computing done in the cloud, edge computing is on the rise. Using the edge of the network for storage and computation will speed up task completion in many areas and improve resiliency. As AI influence grows and 5G reaches new areas, traditional cloud operations will be abandoned for edge computing, which is set to reach 90% growth by the year 2024.

4. Expanded Remote Employment Opportunities

The 2020 pandemic saw many companies giving employees the opportunity to work remotely, and many companies have seen the benefits of the change and are continuing to embrace hybrid or telecommuting positions. This change requires increased digitization of the new workforce, more secure VPN connections, and real-time collaboration experiences. Software and hardware will need to keep up with the demand for secure remote employment.

5. Increased Cybersecurity Threats

As business tech grows more sophisticated, so do the attacks from cybercriminals. After an increase in cybercrime over 2020, corporate networks are more aware of the need to close any weak points in their IT defenses. This includes better employee training on cybersecurity threats, remote network connections, and more comprehensive Ohio IT insurance policies.

These are just a few of the IT trends that corporate businesses and small business owners can expect during 2021. Rather than being left behind the competition or vulnerable to cyberattack, get your IT department on board with evolving technology to address the company’s liabilities.

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