Protecting Your Commercial Property from Winter Damage

Severe winter weather can present a lot of challenges to commercial property owners and managers. This is particularly true in regions that tend to get heavy snowfall, such as the Midwest. Some advance preparation and taking some necessary precautions will help you protect your operations and keep people safe.

Why Do I Need Commercial Property Insurance for Winter Weather Damage?

You will likely need insurance to pay for serious damage after a weather event. Bear in mind that addressing the consequences of storm damage may involve expenses far beyond repairs. Severe damage to a building may prevent you or your lessees from using it for an extended period of time. An Ohio commercial property insurance package can address the financial hardship caused by interruption to your business and compensate you for lost revenue.

What Should Be Included in a Winter Maintenance Checklist?

You should start thinking about what you need to do to batten down the hatches for winter before severe weather strikes. Create a checklist for your maintenance staff that addresses some of your most essential priorities.

  • Repair plumbing problems that could lead to pipes freezing and bursting
  • Stock up on key winter supplies, including snow removal equipment and ice melt
  • Repair or replace failing windows to prevent damage
  • Cut branches from nearby trees that could break and strike your building in high winds
  • Flush your irrigation system so lines do not freeze and snap

Why Do I Need to Inspect My Roofing System?

It is essential that you take care of roofing repairs before winter weather heads your way. When there’s a heavy snowfall in your area, a minor problem on a roof can quickly turn into a huge problem. Even just a small area of your roof being in disrepair could result in a flood or even a total collapse.

You may benefit from getting professional help to evaluate your roofing system. A structural engineer or a roofing contractor can advise you about the total amount of snow that your roof can withstand. You can also install a monitoring system that will alert you when you are your maximum capacity.

How Can I Prevent Water Intrusion at the Ground Level?

Take care to ensure that your building’s foundation is not vulnerable to water intrusion by inspecting the slope of the area immediately next to your building. If the ground slopes toward your building instead of away from it, you could experience water pouring in as large volumes of snow melts. Adjust the slope by removing the earth or repaving the area before the ground freezes.

Ultimately, preventative maintenance and comprehensive insurance are integral to reducing your risk exposure during the wintertime. Take steps to protect your property and be prepared to handle whatever winter has in store.

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