Protecting Your Home from Summer Hazards

As a business owner with one or more properties in your company’s portfolio, you may wonder how to prevent a home from summer hazards. If your business owns family homes, protecting those properties during the warmer months by securing property insurance, practicing regular maintenance, and more is crucial. Here are a few summer hazards to protect your company property and make your business’s homes safe for tenants.

Install Heat-Protective Gear and Take Safety Measures Throughout the Home

In the summer, ensuring your tenants stay cool and your property stays safe are likely top priorities. That’s where installing key measures, such as safety features and heat-protective gear, throughout the home can be helpful. For example, you may want to:

  • Add sunshades to every window in the house to keep the summer heat out
  • Double-check that the air conditioning is working well
  • Install bug-repellent plug-ins throughout the interior and exterior of the home
  • Install mosquito screens on all doors and windows
  • Purchase flood insurance for the home, just in case

Keep Up With Overdue Maintenance Projects

Suppose you’ve been putting off home maintenance for a while, whether due to time constraints or budgetary concerns. Now is the time to get that maintenance taken care of. Even if you need to budget for several projects, ensuring your property is in good enough shape to survive summer heat waves is essential for your tenants and the value of your company’s assets.

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Conduct a thorough home inspection at the start of the season
  • Check the property for potential termites or other bug problems that could worsen during the summertime
  • Trim overgrown trees and hedges that could fall on the house during a summer storm
  • Re-caulk doors and windows to keep air conditioning inside and prevent the summer heat from seeping in

Remind Any Tenants To Practice Summertime Home Safety

Lastly, if you currently have tenants in your home, you may want to give them a few helpful summertime tips. For instance, remind them to:

  • Never use fireworks around the home
  • Limit backyard bonfires to a designated, specially designed fire pit
  • Train children on basic fire safety precautions
  • Install safety cameras and security alarms around the home and ask your tenants to remain vigilant since crime levels sometimes spike during periods of warmer weather
  • Check that any gates or locks around the property are working

If your business owns and leases family homes, protecting your properties from common summer hazards is essential during the warmer months. From getting property insurance to staying proactive with property maintenance and more, these key strategies can help your business maintain your homes’ value and keep them safe and in good shape for tenants.

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