Tips for Preventing Storm Damage to Your Business

Intense storms, especially those that bring hail, wind, and rain, can cause a lot of damage to your business. The weather may come out of nowhere and leave you little to no time to prepare. 

Damage from storms may be a minor inconvenience, but it could require costly repairs or even shut down your business temporarily.

Protect yourself with property insurance and prepare your building and environment to withstand any inclement weather by taking these simple steps right now.

Conduct a Building Inspection

A regular inspection of your business property is a great way to identify weaknesses and issues to correct before they become a larger problem. Check the roof for leaks or missings shingles. Clean out gutters and drains to prevent blockages from leaves and dirt.

Do a walk-through of the interior of your building as well. Seal all doors and windows, so they shut tightly. Invest in shatter-proof glass to lessen the potential of broken windows. 

Check Your Surrounding Environment

Don’t forget to survey the area around your office building. Trim any trees with limbs too close to the building. Look for drainage issues and low spots in the surrounding lawn or parking lot that could lead to flooding. 

Prepare for Predicted Storms

When you know a storm is approaching, use the advance warning to make extra preparations. Cover glass with plywood or shutters. Secure outdoor belongings or bring them inside if possible. It’s a good idea to move any vehicles to a safe area away from trees and potential falling debris.

Inside, you can move important documents and equipment away from windows and doors. Consider shutting off the utilities if the storm will be extreme. You may also want to place sandbags around areas prone to leaks and flooding.

Focus on Safety

The safety of your staff and customers should be your top priority. Have a plan in place so everyone knows the proper protocol and secure areas where they can wait out the storm. If possible, encourage your employees to work from home instead of traveling to the office if you know a bad storm is coming. 

Get Property Insurance and Other Coverage

Sometimes storm damage is unavoidable. With the right insurance, you can protect yourself and your business from undue loss and costly repairs. Insurance covers the price of most physical restoration and recovery. It can also give you the means to meet your immediate expenses if you need to temporarily close due to safety issues. 

Kowing how to protect your business from storm damage by taking the right actions in advance can greatly minimize or prevent storm damage. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you are stuck with repair bills. Take the preventative measures available to you to safeguard your company. 

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