Best Practices for Construction Sites Amidst COVID-19

Construction companies have a comprehensive set of guidelines to keep workers safe on the job. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, new practices are being implemented to protect employees from potential virus exposure. Construction site safety protocols on a particular worksite will vary depending upon the size and the type of project, but it is important that safety tips are in place for workers to follow as part of their daily jobsite functions.

What is construction safety?

Worker safety is comprised of a general set of policies and rules that govern how companies intend to protect workers on a construction site. These measures specify the responsibilities of the company and individual workers to ensure the safest possible work environment. COVID-19 has heightened the precautionary measures companies must take because the potential for workplace transmission is high and the outcomes costly. Companies have developed specific construction safety tips to enhance worker safety.

What are the safety precautions on a construction site?

  • Hygienic precautions: Wash hands regularly, practice social distancing, avoid physical contact, eliminate the sharing of food or personal items and employ proper respiratory manners for coughs and sneezes.
  • Worksite orientations: Take steps to keep workers spread safely apart during meetings. Use screening tools to verify the health status of workers. Disinfect meeting rooms after orientations.
  • Visitor checks: Monitor the continued health status for all contract workers entering the worksite.
  • Hoist/Elevator procedures: Practice social distancing instructions. Position the body to face outward for safer breathing. Disinfect equipment surface areas consistently. Wear N95 masks or other Personal Protective Equipment, as needed.
  • Radio equipment safety measures: Sanitize equipment throughout shifts and before starting or ending a shift.
  • COVID-19 contract plans: Review subcontractor guideline applications for compliance.

Another critical part of worksite safety is making sure that informational posters are displayed in visible areas, so the information is available for quick reference.

What is different about worker safety during COVID-19?

The risk factors with COVID-19 are still largely unknown. Experts do believe that spread is likely to occur in indoor spaces where people interact in a close environment. This is why construction companies are implementing strategies and protocols to safeguard workers. Companies applying both indoor and outdoor worksite best practices are doing their due diligence for construction site safety at this critical time.

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