The Better Way

Are you tired of managing your healthcare cost by shifting increases to employees’ healthcare expenses?

Providing employee benefits, like group health insurance, is critical for companies to stay competitive. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. Employers must find group health insurance plans that provide adequate employee coverage without costing the company an exorbitant amount of money.

In order to balance quality with cost-effectiveness, it pays to look at unique ways to purchase employee benefits. A notable option for Ohio business owners is self-funded health coverage.

Self-Funding Health Coverage

Traditional group health plans are not the only option in today’s health insurance marketplace. Did you know you can self-fund your group health plan? Not only are there cost savings to be had by avoiding carriers who have big margins above the claim’s costs, but self-funding also means you see every claim your company pays. You maintain control and oversight of each claim through the help of a third-party administrator, Unified Group Services. By partnering with an experienced and professional TPA, they will handle all claims processing and provider relations for you while you enjoy the health care cost savings that come from self-funding.

Rethink Healthcare

In addition to self-funding, many companies find the implementation of a customized primary care health plan to be extremely beneficial. COPC Connect is a customized primary care health plan designed to improve overall health and wellness and lower healthcare costs. One of the outstanding features of this plan is access to primary care, labs and imaging with no out of pocket cost to the employee or their family.

Imagine a physician’s office that returns calls quickly and conducts convenient in person or virtual appointments that work with your schedule. With COPC Connect, preventative care is a priority and physicians are incentivized to boost clients’ health rather than over-testing that increases costs unnecessarily. Patients have support at every turn to decrease unnecessary ER trips and increase the quality of customized care. With COPC Connect, the common goal is shared cost savings where companies, employees and healthcare providers win.

Avoid Healthcare Headaches

If your company wants relief from the headaches and mounting costs that come with healthcare renewals, it is time to revisit how you purchase employee benefits. Research your options and consider incorporating a powerful self-funded program from the trusted advisors at Haughn & Associates. Let the experienced team at Haughn & Associates introduce you to the many advantages of managing your group healthcare.

About Haughn & Associates

Haughn & Associates (H&A) is a full-service, family-owned, independent insurance agency based out of Dublin, Ohio. Founded by Michael Haughn in 1986, H&A strives to provide the best possible price and unique insurance solutions across a myriad of industries. H&A is proud to offer employers access to a variety of quality self-funded health care programs such as COPC Connect, as well as best-in-class claims cost-containment initiatives including predictive modeling and health analytics tools; sophisticated disease management programs, and completely transparent pharmacy cost control resources.