Best Practices for Website Designers

Websites are a crucial connection between consumers and companies, making website designers vital. Your ability to build the company brand through a digital medium translates into business success for all parties involved. Since website design is the first step in achieving positive brand recognition, following industry-recognized best practices will keep you from wasting your time and customers’. Here are some best practices to follow to ensure website designers don’t experience lawsuits and reputational damage.

Make Branding Consistent

A marketing team may not realize the full impact that branding has on a company, but website designers cannot afford to underestimate this opportunity. The entire presentation of a website speaks to a company’s brand, from the placement of the logo, the design, and the user-friendly qualities a website offers. Use the homepage to establish the brand and continue to build on it through subpages. Create an enticing narrative for consumers to follow throughout the website.

Allow the Website to Breathe

It can be tempting to overfill web pages with information and visuals. Allow your website to have white space between the elements of the page. In other words, avoid a cluttered design. Use margins and padding to develop a visual break between segments. Slideshows are a common way to quickly put information in front of a visitor without overwhelming them. Changes in line heights and text fonts also add visual interest.

Develop Multi-Device Access Sites

Consumers are increasingly turning to mobile devices or tablets for internet browsing. The website design you choose should be able to address this trend. Pages need to load quickly, with the industry standard setting a three-second loading time recommendation. Too many large images can slow down speeds and drive potential visitors to other sites. Compressing images is one way to include more on a page without bogging down the system.

Include a Call to Action

You may have promised your companies high conversion rates with your services, but you could find yourself facing liability concerns if you can’t deliver on these. Though OH IT insurance will provide damage coverage for your services, you can reduce the likelihood of poor website performance by adding a highly visible call to action on the home page. This element prompts consumers to make an immediate decision concerning a product or service. Numerous companies have found an effective CTA to increase conversion rates by double digits.

Your creative genius and your clients’ marketing desire can create a website that positively introduces a brand to the market. Following these best practices give your design abilities and final products a competitive advantage in the field. Your clients will notice an increase in website traffic and higher conversion rates, and you will have another satisfied client to add to your portfolio.

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