Employee Benefits Trends in 2021

Business owners who already provide a range of benefits for employees may be interested in creating the Best Wellness Programs out there to attract new talent and give the incentive to retain top employees. To create a successful wellness program, it’s essential to read up on new trends that other employers and companies will likely implement in the upcoming year. 2021 is sure to be an interesting year for benefits trends, with a greater emphasis than ever before showing up on factors like flexibility with teleworking, maintaining emotional and mental health, accessing healthcare plans, and more. Here are some of the top employee benefits trends you can expect to see next year, so you can start preparing your business for some of the shifts potential employees might expect.

Expect a Renewed Focus on Overall Wellness

Whether you provide basic healthcare group insurance or run a full-on corporate wellness program, you can expect to ramp up your wellness efforts in the next year. Given the events of 2020, it’s no surprise that employees are experiencing a renewed interest in health and self-care, and this new expectation is sure to be reflected in what they want out of their benefits packages. Some out-of-the-box ideas include offering a gym membership, providing dental insurance, or allowing a certain number of paid sick leave days.

Financial Benefits May Come to the Forefront

After a fairly tumultuous year for finances across the board, many employees may find financial benefits highly attractive, from employment itself to savings and regular bill payments. If your company can afford to incorporate some of these benefits, you may give yourself a competitive edge over other companies. These financial options could potentially cover:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Student loan partial repayment plans
  • Company savings plans
  • Company stock options

Employees Could Be Interested in Better Childcare Options

For employees who are also parents, 2020 has been challenging. Because of this, childcare benefits could prove to be a strong incentive to stay with a particular company. You could offer partial daycare or in-house childcare centers, or simply offer partial refunds on childcare costs.

If you want your business to offer some of the Best Wellness Programs out there, the best route you can take is to study up on the trends that are on the rise for the upcoming year. From expecting quality access to healthcare and emotional health treatment to desiring flexibility for telework and commuting options, 2021 is sure to hold a number of unique developments in employee benefits. By learning about these now and starting to implement them early, you can help position your business not only as a trendsetter, but also as a highly attractive employer for prospective new talent.

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