How to Find Commercial Property Insurance in Columbus, Ohio

Finding commercial property insurance in Columbus, Ohio, can prove challenging, especially with understanding contract terms. Starting a business comes with excitement but also a lot of hard work and attention to all the small details. Along with focusing on the ins and outs of operations, businesses also need to protect themselves with insurance, such as commercial property.

Where to Find Commercial Property Insurance

While in this day and age, the internet makes finding commercial property insurance in Columbus, Ohio, more accessible than ever, not just any insurance company may provide the proper coverage or service. With so many options, a business may find itself quickly going with the lowest price. Unfortunately, the nuances of insurance may mean not getting what one expected. Luckily, the state of Ohio makes it easy to find the right fit. The Ohio Department of Insurance offers various services and information, including a tool to find companies licensed to sell and links to insurance rating services.


Businesses and commercial property likely need additional coverage to cover all bases. While commercial property insurance covers physical losses on the property, such as theft and natural disasters, liability issues also come into play. Regarding tips for finding commercial property insurance and other coverage, the ODI has quick links to help businesses find reliable insurers and additional important information, such as licensing, emerging technologies in the industry, and cybersecurity tips.

Ohio Consumer Laws

Successful businesses often rely on an umbrella of coverage for protection. These often include commercial property, general liability, commercial auto, and business income. Depending on the operation, businesses also need to consider consumer protection laws. These laws ensure that consumers have protection from unfair or deceptive sales practices. Noncompliance with these laws enables consumers to rescind an agreement and potentially seek damages. Additionally, a business may face expensive legal fees and settlements. It makes staying on top of best practices more critical than ever.

Insurance Business Entity

When choosing insurance in Ohio, businesses also benefit from the state requirement for insurance businesses to get licensed, regardless of the type of business, such as a corporation or limited liability. It applies to companies that reside in the state and non-resident businesses. These licenses extend to nearly every facet of the insurance world, including surplus lines, third-party administrators, and insurance adjusters. The different licenses come with varying periods of renewal, which typically happen annually or biannually. The insurance company holds responsibility for timely submitting renewals. If they do not, they risk losing their license. The initial licensing and renewals all come with designated fees associated with the type of insurance provided. Most businesses also need to register with the Ohio Secretary of State.

The moment business owners start a search for commercial property, they quickly get inundated with a plethora of information. Instead of trying to weed through the massive amounts of information or data, the state of Ohio has compiled an exhaustive source of information to help throughout the process.

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