How to Find Commercial Property Insurance in Columbus, Ohio

June 7, 2023

Finding commercial property insurance in Columbus, Ohio, can prove challenging, especially with understanding contract terms. Starting a business comes ...

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What You Should Know Before Signing a Commercial Lease

December 12, 2022

Before you bind your company to a commercial lease, you must understand what you agree to before signing the ...

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What to Know Before Owning Commercial Real Estate

November 21, 2022

Many entrepreneurs and investors earn their fortune in commercial real estate without considering the difficult path. Though this market ...

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Preparing Your Commercial Property for Winter

October 12, 2022

Your commercial property welcomes customers, holds inventory and acts as the headquarters for your enterprise. It should be a ...

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When a Tree Causes Damage to Your Business Property

September 21, 2022

When a tree causes damage to your business property, it is not a fun feeling having to clean the ...

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What is Considered “Property” in a Commercial Property Insurance Policy?

January 27, 2020

“Property” is any item with value. Any item of property can be classified as either real property or personal ...

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Factors that Influence a Business’s Property Insurance

January 20, 2020

One of the fundamental commercial insurance coverages, commercial property insurance protects commercial property from such perils as fire, theft, ...

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How to Prepare Your Property for a Tornado

July 15, 2019

No one likes to think they will ever find themselves in the path of a tornado. However, it’s essential to ...

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Extra Expense Coverage: When Would You Need It?

June 17, 2019

When a fire, storm or another type of peril rips through your business property, your commercial property insurance should cover ...

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What an Uncovered Equipment Breakdown Can Cost Your Business

June 10, 2019

The unfortunate truth is that most companies don’t put too much effort into thinking about their insurance, until they ...

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