When a Tree Causes Damage to Your Business Property

When a tree causes damage to your business property, it is not a fun feeling having to clean the mess left behind. Yes, trees can be amazing. They generate oxygen, provide shade, and filter water. However, you may not be feeling so fondly about foliage, though, if you’ve recently had a tree cause damage to your business.

When a Tree Causes Damage to Your Business Property: Steps to Take

Perhaps the tree fell amid a storm, or its roots have disrupted your business’s foundation. Regardless, you have to figure out how to clean the mess.

Enlist Help From an Arborist

When a tree causes damage to your business, there are things you must do right away. Immediately after the tree falls, you will probably need to enlist help from an arborist to address the situation. An arborist can remove hazardous branches and clear a safe path for entry if the tree has blocked access to your business. You should also ask the arborist to document the situation. They must inspect and take photographs that prove the extent of the damage.

Get a Written Report on the Damage

Photographs are essential when you’re documenting the damage that a tree causes. You should also request a written report describing the damage. Conversely, documenting the tree damage through pictures is part of the process. Your arborist’s report should include the location of the issue, why it is causing damage, and how to rectify it.

Check the Laws in Your State

Before you proceed, check the laws in your state to ensure that removing a tree from your business’s premises is legal. In some areas, if a tree falls, the fire department or another municipal authority must inspect the site to confirm that no power lines are affected. Here, you shouldn’t contact an arborist but should contact local authorities to handle the situation. Business owners should also know trees are sometimes public property, and removing or tampering with them may violate local legislation.

File an Insurance Claim, If Necessary

If your tree situation has caused enough damage that costly repairs will be necessary, you may file a claim with your commercial property insurance provider. If your policy includes coverage for business property, you may get reimbursement for the damage caused by the tree. There are many types of business insurance. Likewise, not all of them offer this coverage. Businesses operating in areas susceptible to falling trees should carefully consider their coverage. Better property insurance can save you from the headache of unexpected expenses.

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