How to Keep Your Crew Safe and Cool During Summer Construction

There are more than 15 deaths a day on the job, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), equating to more than 99 workers killed in a single week. Unfortunately, construction keeps the world running. But it’s also dangerous, which is why it takes more than being a nice boss to ensure the safety of your workers.

When it is cold, don’t let them freeze. When it’s hot, make sure no one collapses. Experts have found that labor positions are incredibly difficult to fill; but when you’re poorly treated, it’s no wonder that those jobs remain vacant. However, not every company is the same.

There’s going to be the ones that are going to pay attention to the seasonal weather and how it impacts their team. Whether it’s allergies, cold, flu or overheating, it’s always good to prepare. In the case of overheating, things can get messy fast. When someone’s body goes into overdrive like that, it’s hard to stop it. And the results can not only be disastrous, but fatal.

That’s why every crew should act quickly to keep their crew safe and cool during summer construction this year. The weather is only getting hotter, which means spending more time out there has unknowingly become much worse for any worker’s health.

Preventing Heat Exhaustion

Water. Rest. Shade. Repeat. This is the mantra of OSHA’s guidelines in order to specifically keep coworkers cool. No one should overexert themselves, even if they are used to it. One day someone will suddenly drop from heat exhaustion and it’ll end up being not only scary, but it’ll also be a liability for construction sites. And count out on missing a day of work, depending on how bad the heat-related problem is. Through social media, flyers and other safety guidelines, we’ve been able to prevent a little more accidents since the program started back in 2011.

How to Keep Your Team Safe

Stroke. Heart-attack. Small versions. Or complete dehydration and exhaustion. These are the thing that can be devastating to any workplace, which is why every team leader should stay on their groups to remain hydrated throughout the entire shift. OSHA shouldn’t still be reporting in 2019 that dozens of workers die and thousands more become ill while working in this profession. If you want some ways to protect your workers while they’re on the job, here are some OSHA tips below:

  • Water, shade and rest should always be within quick reach of a worker.
  • Monitor workers for signs that they are becoming ill.
  • Plan ahead for a worst-case scenario and train workers thoroughly on prevention.
  • When there are new and returning workers, let them ease into the job, especially because it’s labor. It takes time to really figure it out safely.

If you live in an area where it’s high-heat, expect your company to have some kind of prevention plan in place for it. Whether they’ll use it, we will see. It is supposed to get hotter this year.

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