How to Draw in Renters for Your Commercial Property

With the real estate market being unpredictable and rough, it’s even harder to draw in renters, especially to high-end commercial properties.

There are a number of things that today’s businesses look for in their properties. Location, proximity to other businesses, parking, appearance, rent costs, and facilities are just some of the things that could help your property to draw in renters or drive them away. It’s not unlike the way that individual renters consider which apartment they’d like to move into.

But even something that doesn’t shine can be fixed up and advertised great with a little faith. Smart marketing and a sharp understanding of your target demographic will go a long way in attracting the clients that you’re looking for and offering them the amenities that they desire. With the right methods, you can effectively draw in renters for your commercial property. Take a look below:


  • Offer building-wide internet connectivity through WiFi. If you can offer internet that actually works, you’re saving your tenants a lot of money. And you can even add a small charge to their rent to offset the costs. The best way to make people happy these days is to give them a consistent and instant internet connection.
  • Perform energy-efficient improvements. Think about solar panels and rooftop wind turbines. These kinds of things attract new people to property. Everyone’s trying to do their part to save the earth while saving a little money. Offering this to your tenants can be highly beneficial.
  • Make parking as easy as possible. Parking is always a problem, whether in a suburban or urban area. If you can designate some parking spots for your tenants (as well as a separate designated area for guests, visitors, and maintenance), they will appreciate it. Having solid relationships with parking vendors will ease tensions on your tenants when they are trying to park on busy nights. All three of these options so far are energy-efficient and highly cost-effective. Safe, well-lit parking is also an appealing factor, particularly for businesses that work late (or very early) hours.
  • Engage tenants and perform tenant satisfaction surveying. Offer recycling or even a composting service for your new tenants. Being able to engage and have great conversations with them is a good way to build a solid relationship with the person renting out your space for a period of time. Always ask clients from time to time if there’s more that you can do as a property manager to make their stay that much more comfortable. Remember that each tenant is like network building. Once they leave, they might recommend a colleague to take their place.

As far as drawing in renters goes, it’s by simple word of mouth and a bunch of happy social media posts with the right things highlighted for your audience. By drawing in the renters that you want, you are more likely to have a consistent, happy client base for an extended period of time, with a reduced risk of mixed use commercial property insurance claims. 



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