Preventing Injuries on the Construction Site

Preventing construction injuries is everybody’s responsibility on a job site to ensure that the project goes well and the workers are safe. According to the Centers for Disease Control, hundreds of workers die every year due to preventable accidents on the job site. Many of these deaths result from falling objects and electrocution. However, workers can avoid common injuries on the construction site simply by being more careful. 

Crew members and safety managers should take the initiative and prioritize safety. Construction site safety is essential for business owners who may face liability for accidents. EPLI coverage can shield you from damages, but it’s more important to keep your workers safe.

Enforce Breaks in Schedules

Accidents can happen at any moment on a construction site. Apparent culprits like a falling hammer or unsecured scaffolding can cause significant damage. Conversely, many managers overlook the risk posed by a missed break. Missing a standard break can endanger your employees’ safety and health. Likewise, when employees do not get to take a break, they likely will suffer from dehydration and exhaustion. Breaks allow your staff members to rest and relax to remain focused all day long.

Ensure Everybody Wears PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential. Construction crews should always wear hi-vis clothing, hard hats, and safety boots at a minimum. As a site leader, you might not be doing the demanding tasks that put you at risk. However, it doesn’t mean you should skimp out on PPE. On the contrary, it’s your responsibility to set an example by wearing PPE. It sends your crew a clear message — PPE is for everybody, all the time on the job site. 

Take Care of Construction Tools

Unfortunately, many accidents happen every year due to tools that have poorly-maintained tools. Machinery malfunctions can easily cause lacerations, crushed limbs, burns, and death. It’s imperative that a construction site’s safety supervisor regularly perform maintenance on all tools used on the job. It includes preventative care. However, maintenance should increase, too, as a piece of equipment gets older or its condition worsens. Prevention is better than correction when it comes to equipment.

Make Safety a Visible Issue

Safety should always be at the forefront of a construction crew’s minds. Likewise, signs should always be easy to spot on the site. These warning signs can deliver correct protocols while warning workers of common injury hazards. It also means that safety should be a constant topic of discussion. Workers can accomplish this by hosting daily safety meetings and openly discussing any crew members’ concerns. These two steps can minimize misunderstandings, prevent EPLI claims, and ensure everybody is on the same page.

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