Small Features that Can Hurt Your Home’s Property Value

Loving your home is important and feeling comfortable is key for any homeowner, but some decisions you make can actually hurt your home’s property value. Home value protection is key, so make sure that you’re making the most out of your home. A 2016 study from Zillow found that while some colors can raise the value of a home, some colors actually depress it.  Sure a bright color might seem like a good idea at the time, but is it really in the long run? Don’t take cues from outside visuals on a home color—it could turn into a disaster later. Here’s a list of other small features that can decrease the price of your residence.

Quirky Features Aren’t the Greatest

Out-of-the-box features that may have seemed like a good idea at first might actually not be such a great idea. Things like ornate lighting fixtures can depreciate in value over the next few years, according to a 2017 AOL article. Other examples of odd features would be things such as highly technical electronics and overly trendy fixtures. When in doubt, keep it classic.

Textured Walls and Ceilings are Tragically Outdated

In 2018, textured walls and ceilings have a seriously outdated look that can be hard to deal with. For some, it’s just as bad as bright paint colors. Textured walls and ceilings, such as popcorn ceilings, are hard to clean, difficult to repair and cannot be used in bathrooms or kitchens, according to Fixr.

Wall-To-Wall Carpeting Looks Nice, But Isn’t So Nice

Wall-to-wall carpeting is popular but can cause an array of issues, including problems from moisture absorption, staining and mildew, according to Realtor. They also found that carpeting can aggravate allergy symptoms, so if you have allergies or even respiratory issues, wall-to-wall carpeting might not be for you. Also, once carpet is damaged, it has to be thrown out. There’s no saving it, making it a potentially costly investment.

Busy Wallpaper Takes Away From the Rest of the House

Busy wallpaper can really put a damper on your home value protection. Not only is wallpaper more tedious to apply, but it also costs more. It’s also a hassle to take off, and wallpaper can eventually peel at the edges, leaving an unsavory look in your place of residence. Wallpaper also can’t be exposed to sunlight or it will bleed out, leaving a worn, aged look along your walls.

Busy Tiling Can Be Detrimental to Your Home

Busy tiling is just like busy wallpaper: something that will lose value in a few years and put a damper on the overall price of your home. Glossy tiles have moved out of the way for a matte finish and neutrals have become the new staple in a home. Wood flooring and marble flooring in soft tones is also another alternative to having a chaotic floor, as well as geometric tiles.

So remember before painting your walls bright orange, or buying that eccentric tile, that there are small features that can ultimately hurt your home value protection. If you keep those in mind while decorating, you will be in a good place for your future renovations.

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