Staying Safe During Winter Construction

Construction always presents a higher level of danger to employees than other types of occupations. However, during the winter months, accidents on construction sites become even more likely. Below are some tips you can use to keep your employees safe as they work through the most hazardous months of the year.

1. Remove snow and ice from work sites.

Snow and ice increase the risk of all types of accidents on a construction site. Before each shift begins, remove as much ice and snow as possible and make sure that pathways have been treated to reduce the risk of falls.

2. Watch the weather.

Inclement weather makes construction more dangerous. Watch the weather reports throughout this season so you can prepare for any storms that may put your workers at risk. If the weather makes the work site too dangerous, cancel the shift.

3. Schedule shorter shifts.

When temperatures are extreme, the risk of on-the-job incidents increases. To protect your workers, opt for shorter shifts when temperatures are at their coldest.

4. Provide a warm break area.

Breaks give your employees a chance to rest and get warm, which can reduce the risk of incidents related to exposure. Make sure your employees have a warm, comfortable place to rest throughout the shift, and require your employees to take breaks at regular intervals.

5. Inspect vehicles.

The hazards for construction workers in the winter are not limited to the work site. Employees may also be at risk of injury when they are driving to and from their jobs. To ensure that your employees are as safe as possible in the winter, inspect all company vehicles regularly to look for any problems that could make winter driving more dangerous.

6. Require proper gear.

One of the best ways to minimize exposure to the elements during the winter months is to require your employees to wear all of the proper gear, including hats, gloves, heavy coats and boots.

7. Purchase adequate insurance.

Even when you take every necessary precaution, you cannot completely eliminate the risks construction workers face in the winter months. To protect your company and its employees in the event of an accident, you need to have appropriate insurance coverage. As a construction company, you may need several different types of coverage, including coverage for your vehicles, worker’s compensation insurance, liability coverage and more.

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