What Are the Perks of Employee Benefits Concierge Services?

The remedy for rising healthcare costs is not as simple as negotiating a lower premium. To make your healthcare process easier and differentiate yourself from other businesses within your industry, you have to be innovative and creative. For example, employee engagement, health and productivity improvement, and responding to variances in the cost and quality of care are all critical components of designing a successful environment with a keen understanding of the ins and outs of healthcare. One such option is employee benefits concierge services, a contrast from an employee benefits plan.

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Benefits of Employee Benefits Concierge Services

There are a substantial number of perks that come with concierge services that will attract would-be employees, create a healthy work-life balance, and make the group health process easier.

Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

The employment marketplace is always competitive and a great way to set your business apart is by implementing a concierge services program. It is commonplace among millennials to look for employee-friendly work environments. Touting a concierge benefits program will not only give you a leg-up on your competitors, so too will it increase retention.

Reduce Your Employees’ Stress

Workers are finding it harder and harder to separate work and the home, especially with many roles being completely remote. Having a concierge benefits program will reduce your employees’ stress as many of their daily tasks will be done for them. Employees who are less stressed out are usually healthier as well, which will simplify your requirements as an employer.

Increase Employee Productivity

When an employee’s daily errands and tasks are completed for them, not only does that cut down on their stress, so too does it increase their productivity. A study found that employees spend two and a half hours of the workday on necessary personal tasks. A perk of your business offering employee benefits concierge services is that these personal tasks are taken care of on behalf of the employee, allowing them to focus wholly on work.

Save Money by Increasing Engagement

The assistance that concierge services provide helps employees save money. Moreover, these services will also help your business as a whole save money as they will increase employee engagement. Disengaged employees cost the U.S. around $500 billion annually. Your business can nullify the losses that come from employee disengagement with a concierge benefits program.

Boost Employee Value and Self-Worth

Companies are constantly searching for ways to make their employees feel valued and increase employee buy-in. Providing employee benefits concierge services will massively boost your employees’ feelings of self-worth and value while simultaneously growing company-wide morale.

Additionally, concierge services align with the latest industry trends and current health issues thus streamlining your business’s overall employee benefits structure.

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