Common Workplace Hazards for Engineers

For engineer businesses, it is crucial to consider the common workplace hazards faced on a daily basis. In identifying these common concerns, accidents in the workplace can be avoided. However, injuries often occur for reasons that could have been avoided. 

Engineering Workplace Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Below are common safety risks for engineers and what businesses should consider in preventing engineering workplace hazards.

Neglecting Safety Rules

In efforts to do things more efficiently, engineers have been known to take dangerous shortcuts. These shortcuts might get projects done more quickly but they also pose a much greater risk which will only jeopardize the well-being of workers and could compromise the business in the long run. 

Stress, Direction, and Fatigue

Everyone has bad days and can get tired and distracted, which all can easily contribute to neglecting safety procedures, resulting in injuries. Warehouse and factory environments can be especially stressful, and oftentimes staff are under stringent pressure to meet deadlines. This is much more likely to stir up accidents as personnel can easily neglect safety protocols under such conditions.


A redundant routine can cause employees to become overconfident in their ability to perform a job with minimal risk. However, even those who have done the same task hundreds of times are still capable of making a mistake and/or getting injured; they might even be lazier than a new employee as they feel comfortable in their tasks. Repetition can lead to neglect, so staff must remember that caution is always needed. 

Improper Housekeeping

Are your housekeeping protocols up to par? Proper workplace housekeeping is a necessary component to help prevent hazards. An unkempt space can very quickly lead to a wide range of issues. Machinery must also be properly maintained and stored as malfunctioning equipment has the potential to be extremely dangerous.

Hazardous Materials

The mishandling of hazardous materials is another common cause of workplace injury. If engineers are unaware or do not recognize certain warning symbols, they can greatly endanger themselves by handling something without the right gear. It is crucial that all staff is completely familiar with the symbols for various chemicals and that only trained personnel are permitted to handle hazardous equipment.

Improper Lifting

It is common for engineers to do a lot of heavy lifting. Without proper lifting techniques being utilized with heavy equipment, injuries can easily occur. Poor communication and coordination when lifting may also result in injury. 

Most of these injuries are preventable. Require that your staff remain alert, aware, and up-to-date on all necessary safety procedures and precautions that are relevant to your workspace and have H&A engineering insurance in place to protect your business.

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