Common Health Concerns in Construction

Every job has unique concerns or hazards. Even an employee sitting at a desk inside a cubicle needs to practice relative precautions. However, for those who work in construction, the utmost safety precautions and measures must be exercised. 

Common Health Concerns in Construction and How to Avoid Them

Below are common health concerns in construction and what actions and precautions businesses can take to avoid them. 

Falling from Height

From 2015 to 2016, falling from height was the number one cause of fatal injuries to construction workers. At any construction site, workers will be performing tasks while on top of scaffolding, roofs, and ladders all at various heights and different surfaces. 

To ensure that an employee’s well-being is protected, every employee must go through appropriate training and all necessary precautions must be taken before an employee works at height. 


Next to falling, death by asbestos-related diseases is equal if not more common. If breathed in, asbestos fibers can cause fatal or serious diseases such as damage to the lungs and lung cancer. A major problem with asbestos is that it is difficult to detect. 

Therefore, suitable equipment and training must be given to employees whenever the risk of asbestos is present or suspected to be present. 

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

Construction often requires employees to operate hand-held power tools. Prolonged exposure to the vibrations of these machines can lead to HAVS. This condition can cause permeant damage to the fingers, joints, and arms over time, making fine-work and work in colder environments almost impossible.

The law requires employers to equip their employees with well-maintained tools and, whenever possible, the ability to use low-vibration tools. As with the previous examples, the adequate training must be given to workers at all times.  


Construction sites are a hub for loud, repetitive sounds. For construction workers, they are constantly exposed to noise which can lead to long term hearing problems such as deafness and tinnitus. Additionally, noise can cause workers to be distracted resulting in accidents.

Though it may take years for the symptoms to reveal themselves, proper and up-to-date hearing protection should always be provided to employees. Again, health concerns related to noise can be mitigated by employee training. 

These listed health concerns in construction can be prevented or lessened if the proper training and precautions are taken. Still, accidents do occur regardless of preparedness. You and your staff must remain knowledgeable on all of the necessary safety precautions and have H&A construction insurance in place to protect your business. 

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