Preventing Electrical Injuries on Construction Sites

The harnessing of electricity into light and power were some of the most revolutionary inventions in all of human history. Though electricity offers us incredible benefits, it is extremely powerful and must be treated and handled with caution. This reality is especially important when it comes to construction sites. Most often electrical injuries are caused by a lack of awareness.

Methods for Preventing Construction Electrical Injuries

Below are examples of how you can prevent electrical injuries on construction sites. 

Make Sure All Employees Understand the Safe Systems of Work

On almost all construction sites, workers will be working with or near live electricity. A major preventative measure against electrical injuries is making sure your employees are properly trained and informed. 

Part of their onboard process requires you to set out a safe system of work (SSoW) and have your employees carefully read over it. Be prepared to answer any questions they have concerning the SSoW. 

Perform Risks Assessments

Before working on a new construction site, perform a risk assessment. Identify all electrical hazards and confirm that the proper control measures are in place.

To help you with this process, acquire electrical service maps to discover the locations of all wires and cables, underground or otherwise. Again, have all your employees familiarize themselves with your risk assessment and electrical service maps before beginning a project.

Use Caution When Working Near Overhead Powerlines

A study done by the Health and Safety Executive discovered that over 50% of fatal electrical accidents are caused by workers coming in contact with overhead electric power lines. When your employees are working near overhead power lines, have them always operate with the highest care and awareness. In some cases, consult local electrical companies to switch off power lines. 

Use Caution When Working Near Underground Power Cables

Underground power cables pose a variety of challenges and risks. Before digging, speak with the local electricity company, the city council, or highway authorities and acquire up-to-date electrical maps. Use suitable cable-avoidance tools and always use safe digging practices. As with overhead powerlines, educating your employees is absolute. 

Properly Train Your Employees to Use Machinery

On construction sites, workers will be using very powerful machinery, all running on some form of electricity. Properly train and educate your employees on the safe ways to use these tools be it avoidance of water, detecting strange odors, and recognizing when a device is faulty.

Awareness is a key preventive measure against electrical injuries. However, completely nullifying accidents is not always possible. Make sure to have construction insurance solutions in place to further protect your business.   

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