Maintaining Engineering Productivity While Working Alone

For many businesses, your engineers are the foundation of your company. You may have a small handful of engineers or you might have many different types of engineers working on a vast variety of projects. Regardless of size or industry, all businesses across the country have been affected by COVID-19. Your business may be in a situation where your engineers are forced to work alone on projects; distant from their regular face-to-face teams. Needless to say, you want to maintain productivity despite this current climate of separation.

How Your Engineers Can Maintain Productivity While Working Alone

Whether you use freelance engineers, your employees, or remote contractors, here are some ways that they can maintain productivity while working alone.

Maintain Professionalism

Though the phrase ‘dress for success’ may be hackneyed, the professional mentality of your engineers should remain a constant. Encourage your team to dress as they would for work and have them establish a particular area in their homes for work-specific tasks. These and similar practices will allow your engineers to sustain productivity without being distracted by the change in the work location.


Since your engineers are not in team environments, they should document the code or work they have completed. Documentation will maintain productivity because it helps team members and developers see the big picture and not get sidetracked. Concise documentation will also serve as a spec and will guide engineers as they are building.


For any project, communication is vital to consistent productivity and avoiding errors. Mandatory communication also creates accountability; employees will know that they have to report their work to either their peers or superior.

Regular communication will moreover stave off the effects of isolation and loneliness on isolated engineers. Slack and G-Suite are two of the many tools available for your engineers to effectively communicate.

Monitor Metrics and Logs

Monitoring is a core element of best engineering practices. Make sure your engineers are capturing logs and metrics while also setting up a system to easily view logs when necessary. The diligent monitoring of application logs will ensure that your business’s productivity is maintained. Additionally, your engineers should log expected and unexpected errors.

Although you might deploy all necessary measures to ensure your business stays productive, there are always the risks that come from the unique and various tasks your engineers must complete on a daily. That’s where Haughn & Associates comes in – we can find the right coverages for your specific risk profile.

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