Preventing Cyberattacks: Best Practices for Engineers

Cyberattacks have been a prominent issue in recent years, leaving many businesses vulnerable to corruption and engineering businesses are not immune to this risk. Many of these firms use internet solution programs that can be remotely accessed, but this raises the risk of a cyber-attack. Hackers commonly look for access to valuable client information, such as intellectual properties, corporate finances, account numbers and other confidential details.

Remain Cautious of Cyber Threats and Attacks

Spear phishing scams are very common and they work by scamming a person or business by “spoofing” an email, so it appears to be sent from a trusted source. A scammed employee can end up sending social security numbers, login credentials and tax information of other employees in the company, ultimately affecting all company’s employees.

Cyberattacks affect more than just the victims involved. Equally affected is the business’s reputation. Preparing for cyberattacks will certainly make it more difficult for potential hackers to scam you or your company.

Safeguard Your Servers

Are your servers properly protected? If your company has yet to implement security software, know that it is a crucial component to have for your business servers. Security software provides real-time protection and updates regularly to recognize the newest malware threats. Also, you will want to ensure that your firewalls are enabled.

Update your Employees

Inform all employees of security policies and enforce frequent password changes. Doing this about every three months or so is a good rule of thumb. If any workers are using smartphones to login to the company network, consider using data encryption, stronger passwords, and PIN locks.

Protect the Wifi Network

The company wireless signal should be encrypted for an additional layer of protection. Secure your company’s Wifi network, both at the office and at the job site by only allowing authorized personnel to have access to the network.

Consider backing up company data at an offsite location or a professional cloud storage provider and invest in proper insurance coverage. A single cyber-attack can threaten the entire livelihood of your business and even the ability to uphold it. With the number of hackers increasing everyday, it is strongly recommended to use precautions. It is always better to be safe than sorry and have peace of mind in order to operate with more confidence. H&A engineering protection is available to safeguard your business from these risks.

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