Best Practices for Engineers to Effectively Communicate with Clients

Proper communication results in higher-quality work and more successful projects. When trying to connect with customers, strong communication is vital for career growth. For Engineers, effective client communication is an important tool because poorly delivered messages can significantly impact the results of projects and tasks. H&A engineering protection is available for those inevitable discrepancies and mishaps.

Lacking appropriate messaging can easily lead to misinterpreting the scope of a project or specific client needs. Take advantage of these client communication skills to effectively interact with clients.

Listening Skills

No matter the form of client communication (specific conversations about a project or other related items) be sure to allow plenty of time for all parties to respond. You must remain patient to give opportunity for them to fully express needs and ask questions.

Also, be attentive, because when you begin to lose focus things start to fall apart and mistakes happen easier.  Without full comprehension of what if being asked of you, you won’t be able to follow through with what is expected.

Written Content & Terminology

It is crucial that you create concise and accurate documents or written content — including emails, letters and presentations. Without this component you may be jeopardizing the health and safety of the public.

Often, content isn’t written for a client or individual directly, rather they are guidelines for whoever will be using them (partners, other audiences, third-party contractors, etc.)

Always write in layman terms, no matter how time-consuming or frustrating that can be. Using very technical jargon and industry specific terminology could cloud up the message for those who may not understand the concepts.

After meeting with clients to learn desires and gain feedback, you will likely need to take that information back to your team and translate back to technical language. You must be able to act as a bridge between your team and clients.

Presentations & Public Speaking

Do you speak publicly? Anxiety and fear can get in the way of confident, clear speech, which is specifically required for complex engineering projects. This must be overcome since clear and precise communication means being able to share insights, engage audiences, and answer questions appropriately.

Selling Your Ideas

Engineers must be well equipped to sell an idea or concept, especially to peers, colleagues and upper management (often a necessary part of successful project completion). Questions and doubts will certainly come your way, so it is up to you to alleviate these concerns, and sell ideas.

In competitive settings, you may propose or bid on a project by putting ideas up against others, and letting management, clients or executives choose the best one.

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