Top Risks Facing Ohio Wineries

Wineries all over the country face various risks throughout the year. Weather-related catastrophes can strike at a moment’s notice. Business interruptions due to unpredictable events often bring production to a halt. Contaminated stock decreases the value of the inventory. Because it is hard to predict these catastrophic events, Ohio wineries must prepare in advance.

Weather-Related Risks

Agriculture is integral to Ohio’s economy. For many people who live there, it is their livelihood. Weather and climate play a huge role in the success of wineries, farms, and other agribusinesses. Simultaneously, harsh winters are common in the state, making wineries susceptible to many risks, including ice and snowstorms.

As weather patterns become more volatile, vineyards are growing more susceptible to year-round damage as well. Drought, hail, and severe storms all contribute to the way grapes are grown. Sudden frosts, earthquakes, and fires are detrimental to vineyards as well.

Business Interruptions

Many catastrophes can cause interruptions to winery businesses. After an event occurs, the buildings may be unsafe to occupy, and the equipment may malfunction. These interruptions lead to lower inventories, causing sales to plummet and putting jobs in jeopardy.

Contamination of Stock

Wine can become contaminated by the chemicals found in pesticides. Fungus can grow in the wine barrels as well. These and other contaminants significantly decrease the value of the wine. In some instances, the wine may become unsafe to drink.

Risks Unique to Ohio Wineries

Harsh winter weather isn’t the only weather-related risk that concerns Ohio winery owners. The vineyards located in the lower valleys are susceptible to flooding. Lake-effect weather patterns from Lake Erie can also cause high winds and rains any time of year. OH winery coverage is critical to keep the business afloat.

Winery Coverage

Given the risks involved, winery coverage is essential for most vineyards. There are many important questions to consider when selecting the right insurance coverage for your Ohio winery, such as:

  • How does your policy define contamination?
  • Does the contamination coverage include human error?
  • What losses are covered if business interruptions occur?
  • Is payroll covered if business operations stop?
  • Does your policy cover losses due to power failure off-site?
  • Is liquor liability covered in your policy?

Addressing these concerns upfront can help you find the right policy for your business.

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